So you’ve been cruising through the website and like what you see? Cool. If you’re interested in hiring me to design covers for your school or workshop, here are a few frequently asked questions that can help you decide if I’m the right cover artist for you.

What color is your hair this week?

Probably soopa-brite red. But it changes sooooo very frequently…

If you come to our school, will you dye your hair our school color?

That all depends on whether or not your school color compliments my dull hazel eyes and pasty white skin tone. But maybe. It never hurts to ask…

What’s the first step to getting you to design our cover?

Fill out the form located here.

How long does a cover design usually take?

I’m typically scheduled months in advance, so the earlier you contact me, the better. I try to turn covers around in 4 weeks, but with my travel schedule extending from April through December sometimes that’s not a possibility. I’ll do my best to make you aware of the project’s timeline, and if we run into any scheduling conflicts, someone from my office will contact you.

Hey, you’re going to be at a workshop in our area! How do we get an appointment with you?

You’ll have to check with the yearbook rep hosting the workshop.

I’m not a Balfour customer. Will you still design my cover?

Probably not. I really enjoy working with Balfour reps and Balfour schools, and they keep me plenty busy. For more information on Balfour yearbooks, click here.

So, how much does a custom-designed cover cost?

The cost varies by project, but we can discuss it once I have an idea of what you want the design to be.

We saw a cover on your fantastic website that we like. Can we just have that one for cheap?

I prefer not to plagiarize myself like that, and it’s not fair to the school who paid me for the original design. But if you contact that school and they say it’s okay, then let’s boogie! There will still be a charge for the cover design, however.

We don’t usually have money in our account until after the books are sold. Can we pay you in June for a cover you designed last October?

Unfortunately, no. But what we do most often is bill the job through your yearbook rep. That way Balfour sends a check on your behalf at the time of services rendered and the school isn’t charged until they get their final bill from Balfour.

How much do you charge to estimate a job?

Estimates are free! Just send me a detailed e-mail with what you’re wanting to do and someone from my office will send you an estimate and timeline.

I’m a rep and want to hire you for my next workshop. What materials do you bring?

Because I’m on the road most of the year, I try to travel as light as possible. I bring my Mac laptop and a photo-quality printer. The rep is responsible for providing all Balfour-issued materials – font poster, color posters & swatches, lexatone materials, grains, etc.

What is your day rate, and what does it include?

My day rate for workshops is $450, not including air fare, meals and hotel expenses.

My day rate covers 10 hours away from my lodging. That includes time for any meals and transit to and from the workshop location or appointments. If for some reason there’s a need for me to be “on the clock” for more than 10 hours in one day, my rate reverts to my office rate of $110/hour. The reason for this is that I tend to be on the road for weeks at a time, sometimes working 20 consecutive days or more. With this kind of travel schedule, I have to be able to count on time in the evenings to decompress, do laundry, check in with the housesitter, etc.

Anyone who hires me deserves my A-game, and if I’ve worked three 16-hour days in one city, I’m worthless when I get to the next workshop. Surely you understand.

So, in 10 hours we can squeeze in 13 45-minute sessions and throw a burger down your throat. Sound good?

I prefer to work with each school for at least an hour. I’m usually jumping through pretty big hoops to meet each school’s request in an hour – 45 minutes doesn’t leave us with a lot of wiggle room.

Will you also design endsheets, division pages, title page and/or folios during a one-hour session?

Only if we’re finished with your cover design in 30 minutes or less. Starting new designs in the last half of a session can throw other appointments off schedule.

Do you design anything other than yearbook covers?

I design all kinds of cool stuff, but I prefer to design yearbook covers. I used to work for ad agencies making print ads and commercials, and I find that designing yearbook covers is much better for my soul. The clients are grateful and the product is cherished, with a shelf life of over 50 years.

Sounds great. You’re hired! How do we get in touch with you?

Simply fill out this form and we'll rock and roll!